Babies and Presidents

Babies and Presidents

If you put a 7 week old baby on the floor they can not go anywhere. They can’t get up and walk. They can’t even crawl from point A to point B. They kick and punch, and turn their head, and build muscle strength, but without a mature life source they will never leave that rug.

Unless the Savior picks you up, your soul will forever kick and punch. Your physical strength will increase for a time. But soon, very soon, your body will die. And you will die where you began. Your view having never been changed. Your spirit never walked. You cried a lot, but to no one.

Lots of people think, and have been taught, that because they believe Jesus lived and died, and now resides in heaven, they will meet Him there when they die.
This is a false doctrine. Many who tell and teach this do it with a bible in their hands or on their table. But they haven’t read it or understood it.

If you have not known Him here, you will not meet Him there.

I have knowledge of the President of the United States. I hear about him a lot. Some of it true most if it not. All of my knowledge of him comes from others. I have never been in the presence of the President. I’m not even certain I would recognize him. I’ve seen pictures but we’ve never stood face to face. If I met him on the street I would probably hesitate before approaching him just because I wouldn’t be sure. However, I do think that the sixty-five body guards and the bullet proof car would be confirmation.

Jesus tells me that I will believe Him when He speaks. That He knows me. That I will know His voice. And that I will follow Him. I have this kind of relationship with few people. Least of all the President.

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