Change and the Unchangable

Change and the Unchangable

My life is very much like a carnival right now. I knew I was supposed to be glad at those, but I never really was.

The fair grounds were busy and loud — lots of strange faces. Spinning never brought up laughter, only weakness and corn dogs. The floating ducks left you wanting. The prizes hung out of reach. Once in hand, they were rigid and always leaked out.

I thrive on order. The sum of a carnival equals confusion to me.

When at the carnival I could always set my eyes on home. My room, my kitchen, my Mom, equalled symmetry.

Now that home is topsy-turvy and unrecognizable…I’ve no place to lay my soul. No refuge.

“For I am the Lord, I do not change.” Mal 3:6

I never realized why it was so important for God to remain the same…until now. My cloud/roof by day, my fireplace by night. He is my symmetry.

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