Our furnace needs a repair man. The thermostat hangs on my bedroom wall. My husband warns me —“Get showered and dressed before he gets here.” 

I’m not that concerned.

I always thought the senior citizen who walked through the hall naked was senile. It never occurred to me…maybe they just don’t really care about that anymore. In the junior high locker room we covered ourselves like we were under airborne attack. Somewhere between the extremes is a healthier balance.  

The written account of Adam and Eve running for cover after they fell is extremely interesting to me. It says their disobedience opened their eyes, and they knew they were naked. Suddenly, they felt they needed to hide. 

My grandsons run around naked all the time — well primarily at bath time. They’ve no shame. On the contrary — they celebrate their beauty and fly with unrestricted movement.

Might I suggest that this is the fiery freedom God is calling us back too? Not in body — because of sin my grandson’s behavior would be considered dangerous. But, in spirit.

Beauty and freedoms were lost by the decietful handlings of God’s word. Jesus tells us that by the cross we should say goodbye to our shame. We’ve no reason to hide (nor can we, really.) By His crazy out-of-this-world love He’s blanketed us — not uncovered — but further covered. In fact, He swallows up our mortality. And then confirms it by His Spirit that remains in its place. Bam! Nothing sensible about that! That is flipped out! 

“Now you are the body of Christ.” 1 Cor 12:27

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