The Farmer

The Farmer

Corn fields have stood as fences around my world since I was a kid. And they’re standing ever so tall this morning. The sun and season are painting their cool, green, vibrant ~ to warm, glowing copper. Growing up we were told not to go past them. “Don’t go in the fields! You’ll never find your way out”, they warned.

Yesterday was such a surreal day for me. A professional Literary Agent said I was a gifted writer. She used words like compelling, amazing, fantastic, high level writing. I waited for the shoe to drop. It never did.

She is pushing me into the field. The place voices always cautioned, “Don’t go.” “You’ll never find your way.” Well, I’m going. I’m going because of God’s voice. He says he’s got purposes for me ~ gifts he’s given. And I believe Him.

No, I’ve never been in here. Gonna get confused, turned around, probably sit down in the middle of it and cry now and then, but sooner or later the Farmer will be here and all these scary stalks will be for the combine. And my backyard will be nothing but wide-open space.

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