Hear my love.

Hear my love.

Assumption has been too much a part of my relationships. Our ears are designed to hear lovehear affection. Words are always entering our mind. Most are not audible and few are affectionate.

I know…actions speaks louder than words, but words sweeten the soul.

“You are my favorite part of the day,” he said over the sink before leaving for work. I know it’s true. He didn’t have to say it. Until it was in the air, I didn’t know how badly my bones needed to hear it.

I brought home carry-out for dinner. He was excited I was home. Normally, the tacos take the credit, but his words from this morning were more powerful than food. Still nourishing me to this meal.

Day 8 and 9

Every one sitting here; hear my words, “I appreciate you. I am grateful for your visits. Your words are important to me.”

An unexpected card in the mailbox from a friend. Hawks soaring across treetops. Pinecones. The way my dog sprawls across the floor after a long walk. Laundry flapping on the line. Foot rubs. Finding out we were hurting for the same things.

Praying: Keep me from withholding love.





  1. Joe Downs on May 19, 2019 at 9:20 am

    Very good, fits my early Sunday, Love

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