I cherish the Bible. It's been my closest companion for 31 years. When it's not open, it’s near my side. It has saved my life a million times. It's more than paper and ink, it's life and liberty—because the living God lives here. 

As a kid all I wanted was to be a grown-up. And yet the Father says, Come like a child. That's good news, really, because what hardworking adult couldn't use some of the  benefits of being a child? Any of us not hungering for an ear to listen, a hand to hold, arms to carry us when we can't walk one more step? Oh, I do. And I know you do too.

Children run for fun. Sing at the top of their lungs. Dance like nobody's watching. Cry when it hurts. Children say what they think and show when they're scared. Receiving the grace of God takes the trusting heart of a little child.

I started blogging in 2009 as a way of meditating on scripture. Writing is the way I find words I long to speak, questions I know not how to ask, and fuller understanding of what the Holy Spirit says.

And this big ball of earth is helping us see what words cannot? Night and day God's handiwork reveals crazy knowledge! In the unexpectedness of wildflowers, the strength of a spinning spider, the tiniest bird with the most beautiful song, and the truest blue sky forever inviting us upward.

Day Unto Day is a work of heart. Displaying the glories, and sharing the milestones of growing, little by little, into the children God so loved us to be. Glad you’re joining me.