I’m Jo Ann. Glad you made it.

When writing gave me permission to speak, I fell in love with words. Getting in the ring with all my worry and fear has been a fight to gain safe space to speak. We often grow up unable to hear our own voice because of those bigger and more powerful than ourselves. Our words get squashed. Identity lost. To free who was suppressed inside, I write. I’m getting to know her, and I like what I’m reading.

I’m not alone. Which is why I write in public. For every voice hiding inside, I write out loud for you. I dream, what I write, will help open your words. Take your space. It’s safe to be you with me.

When the word of God shot into my veins, I was hooked. Tried quitting a few times, until I couldn’t get through a day without it.

The bread of His mouth sweetens the sour of my soul. The Holy Spirit pours water and light ~ ripening the beginning of wisdom and His own understanding.

The man of my youth shares my wounds ~ loves at all times.

Our three daughters bring us only joys and boys.

Fear not. Isaiah 43:1