You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
Me too.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

Which is how I ended up here kicking all my dirt around. Don't we all need safe space to sift, sort, and hear ourselves out?

So good to meet you.

I'm Jo Ann Alo. I've always answered to Jo Ann because it's what everyone called me. I didn't know my given name was Jo until I read my birth certificate just before I married. Just before my eighteenth birthday.

I live between dusty roads and cornfields two mailboxes from where I grew up.

The husband of my youth shares my wounds — loves at all times.

Three daughters bring me two Sons, three grandsons, dinners back at the table, and steady balm from bumpy beginnings.

After my second baby was born the word of God shot into my veins. I was hooked. Tried quitting Him a few times till I couldn't get through a day without Him.

Opening eyes and moving heart — isn't this always where we start?

Studying scripture by a mustard seed caused a sequoia of questions. I keep pulling verses apart to put God in order. Lo and behold...He's reshaping me. You'll see. I go down roads without knowing where they end, empty pockets of the past like it's worth the change, spill my beans like a scared schoolgirl before the unthinkable takes place between the pages of grace.

A sacred adventure, you might say — because abiding in Jesus is outlandish, daring, and altogether unpredictable. Leaving us breathless, bruised, and hungry for more.

Five years ago I started sitting at my desk all hours writing rifts from my meandoring childhood.  In doing so, I opened a real can of worms. It's morphed into an actual book. More about that later.

Did I mention I'm glad you're here? Good. Let's do this...