Forty-three drafts later, this is what I came up with:

The About page is the hardest one to write. I love reading yours. In fact, I already find you fascinating! But mine feels like a pop quiz in history class. My mind goes completely blank. Clueless.

Is it because I was 4th born and followed my sister's tail feathers till I was 15? Is it because I'm an introvert and don't like being the center of attention? Is it because I was a Mom at 17, and her precious life required all of mine?

Well, looky there. Now you know something about me. But you haven't read the reason I started this blog, don't know why I hope you come back. It's really very simple. Writing here is like any calling—you have to go or you'll just explode.

What I hope you find here: love that increases more and more in all knowledge and discernment, hope that overflows by the power of the Holy Spirit, and peace that guards your heart and mind.

What you won't find here: fluffy words, fake feelings, false promises. We're all about truth around here. No matter how it hurts, we remember: healing is coming.

Two Mile Love, comes from Matthew 5:41“And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.”

This is love we don't know. 

I'm talking real love. Not the kind in movies or the kind we've assembled ourselves. The kind that's out of the this world. 

'Cause there’s a heap of hard getting worked out of this heart. And Jesus worked it all out on the cross. And we've got this one work—to believe Himthe Resurrection. Who empties hatred, contention, division, gives good to enemies, casts out fear, never fails. Everlasting love that overcomes this world.

Who's in?

Inhale deeply.
Exhale completely.
We've got a ton of beauty yet to see!