Appearances Are Deceiving

By Jo Ann Alo / August 10, 2014 /

I’m making my ritualistic granola today. One of the things I love to put in it is a freshly shredded apple. As it is no longer apple season, the ones I find in the bottom of the fridge have lost their shine. Two tiny “Fred” apples? Or the large one? The largest one is worth my…

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Saved by the Blood

By Jo Ann Alo / January 3, 2011 /

Been asking the Lord about the meaning of His blood. I see that physical entities possess a spiritual counterpart. So what is the meaning of such passages as “justified by His blood”(Rom 5:9), “Christ’s blood cleanses our conscience from dead works to serve the living God” (Heb 9:14), “Purchased by His blood” (Acts 20:28) In…

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