No Longer

By Jo Ann Alo / June 25, 2015 /

Hold the phone!My soul has been taxed way to long by the governing authority. Who, according to scripture, is the devil. I have underestimated the tyranny of this reality. I was under the oppression that God was ruling this disaster—poverty, abuse, terrorism, death. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Satan is heading up this deal. “the ruler of…

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I Was Once An Ostrich

By Jo Ann Alo / June 13, 2011 /

In the book of Job God states His grand design upon the world. He tells about its foundations, its creatures, and how He made it all to operate. He left nothing to chance. Everything was made a certain way for a certain purpose. The bear, lion, the hawk, raven, the goat, donkey, the ox. They…

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