How to Pray: An Age-Old Conundrum

By Jo Ann Alo / March 11, 2021 /

Demons of depression chased me home. Hurrying, I pressed into the door. Before turning the handle, I rushed to Jesus, Whisper Your sweet everythings into my ears. The one way the raised in Christ endure in all this dust and ash is praying in spirit and truth. God knows I want to fight my own fights.…

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The One Book That’s Always New

By Jo Ann Alo / November 19, 2020 /

I’m so excited. I got a new Bible. It feels like the latest book from your favorite author. The one you’ve been waiting months to read. I’m giddy over new books. Getting an author’s new release of tragedy to triumph in my hands, I don’t want to let go. I resist opening them. I want…

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Worth It

By Jo Ann Alo / June 14, 2019 /

Have you ever given a gift that was blatantly unappreciated? I found one of those pivotal bible verses calligraphed onto a plaque I thought perfect for a friend. She struggles with depression. LOVE NEVER FAILS, hanging on her wall might be exactly what she needs to coax her into a brighter future. Maybe if she loved…

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The Art of Knitting

By Jo Ann Alo / March 16, 2016 /

“Knit together in love.” Col 2:2   The long arm holds the unsecured to prevent unraveling while with great dexterity the hand gently loops new through the active — catching the fresh and drawing it through. This secures the whole and forms new in its place. I thought we could just sew people together. You…

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By Jo Ann Alo / February 14, 2016 /

God is not in the business of hate. His greatest achievement? Reconciliation. Resurrecting harmony between He and all his creation…and all creation between one another.  *************************** When my daughters were growing up their bedrooms went neglected. The totality of it could paralyze your brain. You were never sure what was waiting under stale shorts. You knew…

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In Pursuit

By Jo Ann Alo / February 8, 2015 /

In my search toward a deeper knowing of God, I asked my Husband why he loves his kids. His answer, “I can’t imagine doing anything else.” ———————————————– “God, who made the world and everything in it…”  This verse pored over the grounds of my mind and filled my cup with comprehension. The richness of it…

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Without a Sound

By Jo Ann Alo / January 1, 2013 /

I eat, and it does not satisfy…Yet, I want for more.I sleep, and I wake,while rest waits at my door.I wash and dress,longing for change…Though my garments are fresh,they’re just more of the same.How do You whisper, without a sound?Make plenty,without being found?How do You embrace, without touch…sooth, comfort,and cover up?The body brings pain,the Spirit echoes life.You,…

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