Daring To Wade Through Your Story Can Wash the Stink Off Your Past

By Jo Ann Alo / September 2, 2020 /

It still feels shameful to admit, I wet the bed till I was nine years old. I keep reading how sharing your story helps others from feeling alone. (And we all know a few things about loneliness.) But my story always sounds so embarrassing to me—even downright disgusting to repeat. Funny, how I didn’t think…

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By Jo Ann Alo / March 15, 2016 /

Our furnace needs a repair man. The thermostat hangs on my bedroom wall. My husband warns me —“Get showered and dressed before he gets here.” I’m not that concerned.I always thought the senior citizen who walked through the hall naked was senile. It never occurred to me…maybe they just don’t really care about that anymore. In…

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